NNU Income Program Review 2018

Hey mate, I’d be making an nnu income program review today; is it scam or Legit?       

They claim It’s a legitimate online business in Nigeria where you can make at least N50,000+ monthly [depends on your activeness] doing just a few tasks such as posting a status on Facebook, leaving comments on posts by sharing your views, referring others etc, so its 100% Legit.

You want to register for nnu program?

  • Fill in your correct details like name, email etc.
  • Choose Paystack as payment option and Pay your N1,600 using your ATM Card.
  • Once payment is complete, your account is approved automatically, no need to wait.
  • If the payment doesn’t go through, try and initiate it again. Make Money easily. 

NNU is the Best for now and it’s paying very well.
You don’t have to be afraid.

I am waiting for August Payment, so stop whatever you are doing, go to their website with your N1,600 , register and start earning too.

If you still want to read my review; then do so below;

If you are on this page, then it’s either one of the search terms below brought you;
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But I don’t care what search term you used to arrive here.

All I care about is your well being.

Trust me, this is a very honest review on nnu.ng program and not some crap review on google that is only there to make some commissions from you.

I will let you know everything about the Nigeria news income program and also why I decided to not waste my time promoting it PLUS I will show you how to register on nnu as well.

Again Trust Me. This program is legit.

Different ways to earn on the Nnu Income Program
This is the best ways to make money on the nnu income opportunity program according to the official website itself.

As a participant, you have 4 options to earn more money to your bank account every month on NNU Income Program.


As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part of NNU activities monthly.

Active daily login

When you login to your account daily on NNU browsing and reading news, you earn N50 or more depending on daily revenue share.

Commenting and Contributing

When you browse each post, read and contribute your view by comment, you earn from N1 and above on each post you commented depending on daily ad revenue.

Sharing sponsored post on Facebook

As from November 1st, we assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline, you earn 50 Naira daily on assigned post you share as recommended.

As a member, you are not allowed to share any post news to earn except the assigned sponsored post. Unless you wish to share any interesting post with your friends on social media.

We assign a particular post to members on daily basis which we only pay for. On pay day, your Facebook timeline will be reviewed to see if NNU assigned sponsored post is present on your timeline, calculate and pay you including other activities and affiliate earning with our monthly revenue share.


As an affiliate, you earn 62.5% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on NIP, you earn N1,000 Naira from their entry fee/product purchase and becoming part of NNU Community. In future when we will be having more valuable products, you will be earning more commission per sales.

NAP (NNU Affiliate program) is one of the best ways to make huge money on nnu it has to do with inviting others into the program (It’s how i made N130,000+) as said earlier.

How to Register for NNU income Program or NNU Registration Procedures

Follow the step by step guide below to do this super fast.

  • After the nnu registration, you need to purchase the NIP Pack of N1,600. You can either buy it using your debit card online or using coupon or you’d be provided with bank details where you can pay to.
  • Pay and your account will be approved.

Now after you register on nnu and your account has been approved, you can start taking part commenting on posts, writing your own posts, sharing the post on Facebook. and make your money.

Damn easy stuff right? Please use me as your referral by clicking any of the nnu image you see on this post, that's all you can give me for teaching you nnu income program review.

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