How To Make $100 With Facebook Account

Do you know you make more than $100 with Your Facebook Account?

It's simple, Did you hear about recent Facebook Research Program? Actually you might know know but for the sake of those that don't know yet.

There is a Facebook research program that is currently going on but sadly it's only meant for those in India and USA, but I can teach you how to bypass the restriction and download the app.

So How Do I Make $100 With Facebook Account And What Is Facebook Research Program?

Facebook in partnership with Applause Inc.
They are doing a research and collecting informations on how people use apps using an app you will be asked to install.

Once you download this app successfully and also installed it in your phone. You are entitled to receive $10 Dollars per month to registered paypal email address you submitted.

If you invite 5 persons and they download and install the app you will receive extra bonus in cash totaling upto $100 or more.

Hope am making sense?

Benefits Of This Facebook Research Program

  • free sign-up.
  • $10 for registering and keeping the app on your phone.
  • $15 per someone you refer and extra $ when they keep the app on their phone.
  • No registration fee.
  • money paid straight to your PayPal account and ready for you to withdraw in a matter of seconds.
  • its real, legit, and it pays.

How To Join Facebook Research Program 

Just subscribe to my blog, share this post to WhatsApp and comment how, and I will reply you with the link to join and make $100 With Facebook Account, the earlier the better.

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