Thursday, September 13, 2018

Latest Airtel Data Plan: N100 For 2Gb And N500 For 10Gb


Hello guys Latest Airtel Data Plan is the latest trend in town now, I believe you don't know yet, but today you go know because so far am concerned, no tech stuff will escape us.

So what's this Latest Airtel Data Plan all about? My brother calm down, it's something that you will like and might have been dreaming of because country hard and money for data plan is sometimes wahalla.

So the new Airtel Data Plan came to save us, with this Airtel Data Plan, you can use N100 to get N2gb, incredible right? Am not yet done! You can also use N500 to get 10Gb.

How To Activate Airtel Data Plan For Free

Am so sorry that those already on Airtel network won't enjoy this, the only way to join the moving train is if you have Mtn Sim, because you need to port from Mtn to Airtel.

After porting, you won't lose your Mtn Number, your family and friends can still continue to call you with you, but it will no longer be Mtn sim, but Airtel sim. And remember porting is absolutely free, don't let this chewing gums girl collect your hard earned money from you.

How To Port From Mtn To Airtel For Free 

Just Carry your national identity card or your student's identity card, if you don't have the cards that I mentioned, use your voter's card and if you don't have voter's card, stop reading from here, this post is not meant for you.

And for those who have any of the card listed above, congratulations and welcome to level 2, now take your card with you to any Airtel office or store nearest to you, and kindly request for the Port form.

Then fill the form properly, and give them back, once they are done processing your request, you will receive sms from Mtn to reboot and put the Airtel sim you ported to. As simple as that? Yes, just reboot your phone and your sim will automatically be Airtel.

How To Get 2Gb With N100 And 10Gb With N500

I know you are craving to see, to do whatever the hell you want, but am with the key, so let's be going down slowly, if you can't read up to 5 minutes, but always looking for answers, you will never make it in life.

Discussion continues, When you have rebooted your phone and your sim is now Airtel, just hurry and recharge your Airtel New Sim through your bank mobile app or any other recharging app, don't use ussd to recharge, before you go say wetin I tutored here ain't working and I will tell my village people to start following you.

Lol! My village people won't follow you, but Airtel Data Plan will fall on you, so when you've recharged successfully with your bank mobile app or any other recharge apps, you will be credited with 2gb instantly, and this bonus lasts for 30 days, so this is it, the Airtel Data Plan that is trending.

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