Sunday, June 24, 2018

How to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate

Knowing how to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate helps a lot but I expect you to be aware that it expires every 90 days. While some web hosting companies autorenew letsencrypt for you, some don't. If your web hosting company doesn't auto renew it for you, you can renew it manually by yourself.

The free Letsencrypt ssl certificate which I generated from and installed on one of my WordPress sites hosted on Namecheap expired yesterday and I've been able to renew it successfully.

I renewed it manually because as at the time of publishing this post, Namecheap doesn't offer one-click installation of letsencrypt ssl certificate via cPanel.

How To Renew Letsencrypt Ssl Certificate 

  1. Generate new free ssl certificate for the site at
  2. Uninstall and delete the expired letsencrypt certificate from cPanel (Security > ssl/tls > Manage SSL Sites.)
  3. Install the new ssl certificate in cPanel as explained here.

That's all.

I deleted the old ssl certificate from to stop further notifications for the certificate.

About Letsencrypt Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a project of non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) whose aim is to offer digital certificates which can be used to enable https (ssl/tls) on websites for free including support for the ACME DNS challenge, ECDSA signing, IPv6, and Internationalized Domain Names.

Hope it worked? You now know how to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate by yourself.

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