Saturday, June 23, 2018

how i receive sulvo ad network payment In Nigeria

It's no longer news that I use sulvo ad network payment in addition to Google Adsense ads. The sticky 300x250 ad that you see by the right hand corner when you view this blog on desktop and that sticky 300x100 that displays at the top when you view this blog on mobile are both Sulvo ads. I get paid per thousand impression of Sulvo ads served on my blog, not per click.

Sulvo offers three payment methods for publishers : Payoneer, Wire transfer and Paypal. Out of the options, I am currently using my Payoneer account to receive my Sulvo payment here in Nigeria. Sulvo transfers my earnings to my U.S bank account and it reflects in Payoneer Mastercard balance. I can then choose to exchange the Payoneer fund for Naira, use it for online shopping or to pay for my Facebook ads.

Here is screenshot of Sulvo payment I received last month :


and here is the one I received this month :


The international wire transfer option is free but I didn't opt in for it because if I am to receive my Sulvo earnings in US dollars to my dom account, I will have to pay $26 fee as seen in the screenshot below. This doesn't make sense to me.
So, the Payoneer payment option is OK for me.

Have you ever been paid by Sulvo? If yes, which payment option are you using  to receive your sulvo ad network payment earnings?

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