Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Naij Mail Shutted Down On January 2018 Check Now

In 2015 For reasons Best known to NOkia Mail and Nokia Chat, they decided to shut down their services with bunch of apologies to their clients. And now its time for Naij Mail.

Naij Mail Accessible at is a mailing service powered by that allows users to send and receive email Messages just like Yahoo mail, Gmail and other Email Servers.

Few Months ago i Logged in to check my Email messages as usual having been one of their client for some years now because of the flexibility of NaijMail, It was so surprising and hearth touching to see a Notice Message boldly displayed on their Dashboard.
As You can See, the important Notice was stated that Naij Mail is going to be shut down on 1 January 2018. The reason for the quick notice is to prepare their clients for any backup they have to make it time.
If you are using NaijMail, having gotten this information on January 2018, without backing up your messages, you will have you no access to any more data stored in Your email Address as far As Naij is concerned.
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So does it mean you can no longer send and receive email messages? Sure and very sure i repeat. You can still send and receive email Messages using other email services just as we have many naij Mail alternatives.

Top 10 Naij Mail Alternatives

With the above Top 10 Naij Mail Alternatives, you can create email addresses and start receiving and sending email messages again. Hope this information helped You? kindly Share Please.

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