Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to stop facebook friends from posting on your timeline

As long as your Facebook Timeline is open Bloggers like me won't stop posting and sharing links there in simply because you leaving your timeline open implies you want people to share.
If you are bored of receiving notifications like Gabriel Chukwudubem shared a link on your timeline, then you have to do yourself good by disabling me from posting since that will be the best solution so far.

I keep wandering when I meet people quarrel over the issues of " why did you post on my timeline?" lol mark was not stupid making the feature available on Facebook and also making a way to block it from public posting so that's shouldn't be quarreled about rather use the available option instead of blocking your friends for posting on your timeline.

Stop people from sharing on your Facebook timeline without blocking them

  • Login Your Facebook from browser and click on main menu at the top of the page. and select settings. 
  • Click on general settings and select tagging and timeline settings.
  • Now you can set who you want to post on your timeline and you can also swift on the second option to let you approve their post before it appears on your timeline.
If you don't want anybody to post you can just set the only me options and after that you can save your settings.

and your timeline will be moderated according to your settings.
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How to stop facebook friends from posting on your timeline
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