Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to create yahoo-mail on your mobile phone

I think yahoo mail is more professional than gmail I.e my own view i don't know how you view it.

I learnt that opening a Yahoo account with a mobile phone was not supported then but now I just discovered they made it possible for smart phone users to open a yahoo account and access there mail on mobile smart phones.

Will you believe that half of Nigerian fresh graduates don't know how to open an email account? when you ask some of them to open an email they will be like asking- (where? how?).

Gabriel will never allow you to be in such human categories and this is why I write my tutorials from the grassroot, accurate and first on net tutorials with clean and comprehendible screen shots for easy understanding.

How to open a Yahoo account

Yahoo account have the same and exact function to gmail and other mails I.e receiving mails but the only different is the design and customisation plus terms and services of usage.

An example of a Yahoo mail is 

While an example of a gmail is

Firstly, for you to create Yahoo mail account, you have to click the link below.
Register a Yahoo mail.

After loading, it will show a new page just like the one below.
Simply fill in the required details correctly.

Note: When filing the form insert a working mobile number through which you will receive a verification message. Your first and your last name in the required area…

put a correct date of birth and enter a strong password .

After filling the form as required, Click on Continue.

From the next page you can edit the number if you think it is not correct but if the number is OK you continue with the verification.
There are two available Yahoo verification methods which are:
Text me a code or call me with a code. 

Choose any of the two and continue. if you choose text me a code as the verification method, a code will be sent to your phone inbox as bellow.
Copy the five digit numbers to verify your yahoomail.

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In other way if you choose call me with code methods yahoo will call your number as normal call just receive the call from your phone and you will get the v-number. go to your yahoo and verify it by putting the code in the required Field.
After verification has been successfully completed, a new congratulatory page will appear as below.
You can now login your email with your details below.
Yahoo mail login.

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