Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to create Microsoft account (Outlook-Hotmail)

The outlook or hotmail is just like other mailing services such as gmail, yahoo mailnaijmail, etc.With outlook mail you can send and receive mail from any mailing service right to your inbox for free.

This Microsoft mail is important especially to webmasters CU's I learnt without it you cannot submit your website to Bing search engine. just like you cannot submit your site to Google without Google mail.

This also have unlimited mailing space and inbox and it is reliable and this is why am going to teach you today very easy step to create outlook account without stress.

Unlike other mailing services the hotmail have more than one domain name for access. you can either access via., or they are both redirected to each other so you don't have to worry about that.

How to open Hotmail Account

Visit or
After that click on create account and you will be prompted to a page were you have to fill out your registration info.
Fill in your First and last name, your username which is your email address and select what you would like your mail to end with I.e Subdomain.e.g if your Username is Kennedy and you selected you email will automatically become and if you choose your email will be hope you now get that.

After that proceed further to fill in your mobile number and alternative mail. the alternative mail will help retrieve your password when you miss it. and the mobile number is where you will receive a verification code so do yourself good by using a working mobile number.
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After filling the whole form rightly you can now hit on create account and verify your hotmail account you are all done with a new outlook account in just few minutes isn't that easy.???

You can now send and receive mails using your Microsoft account.

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