Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How To Activate MTN Double Data

Hey, am here with another tutorial on how to Activate MTN Double Data, you are already thinking, what's this double data all about?. It is what you think, this data plan helps multiply your your data, like if you buy 1GB you will get 2GB. 

And you know that MTN monthly data bundle can be finished up within 1 week if you are in an where their network connection's speed is Cool. Not to talk of 4g, if you are using 4G LTE Phone or sim, you already know what I mean, you can exaust the monthly data bundle within 3 working days, if you are always online on social networks like Facebook, Instagram et cetra.

So we won't allow MTN to be robbing us in mid day light, just like me that is using the MTN Monthly Data Bundle to blog then, MTN have done a lot to me. Then, I use to subscribe monthly, so that I won't worry data for the rest of the month, but MTN do disappoint me regularly.

To my greatest surprise, I subscribed for monthly data during one weekend and before Thursday the upper week, I was looking for my data, I couldn't believe what my eyes saw that day, I contacted their customer care agents but I was getting the same reply from all of them, which is "you've exausted your data plan".

That was a painful experience to me and since then, many of us that was affected by this have been working day and night to make things better for ourselves and our readers and finally we came up with a solution, and the solution is what am going to teach you now. So stay with me.

How Do I Activate MTN Double Data Plan?

This was the first question of one of my readers, that have been disturbing me to come up with a solution concerning MTN Double Data. So here we go, activating MTN Double Data won't take anything from you, it's free and I think it is sponsored by MTN. 

So this one is not a cheat or does it require any app to be activated, you can activate it with any mobile phone or laptop and it works on all MTN SIM. 

To activate this newest MTN data Plan, open your phone message and compose a new message, which is send "Double to 131", wait to receive their message. As shown in the screenshot below.

After you receive their response as shown in the screenshot above then send "Promo to 131" and a pop up like shown in the screenshot below will appear. Then enter 1 to accept.
Finally you have activated MTN Double Data, you are just one step away to complete the activation, to complete the activation send "Free to 131". And you will receive the final message as shown in the screenshot below.
Finally, we are done with activating MTN Double Data Plan, if you activated yours successfully, when you buy 1GB, you will now get 2GB.

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