Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to Activate HTTPS In Your Blogger Custom Domain Without Buying Ssl Certificate

It is the dream of  every Blogger to protect his or her readers from Hackers and Viruses, but most of the Bloggers don't have money to buy the Ssl Certificate to update their blog from HTTP to HTTPS. Some of us even bought ssl certificate but don't know how to install it on their blog. So today I will teach you how I changed my custom blogger blog domain from HTTP to HTTPS.

What Is  The Difference Between HTTP And HTTP

Firstly let's start with http, according to Wikipedia HTTP is an application protocol, collaboration, and hypermedia information system. Http is the foundation of data communication for the world wide web.

You might now be thinking, what's Https? According to my own definition, it's an updated version of HTTP that adapts to the hypertext transfer protocol for secure communication over a computer network.

It's very easy for WordPress users to Switch their custom Domains over to HTTPS by buying ssl certificate, and after installing the Ssl Certificate, their site automatically changes to HTTPS.

Like I said in the beginning, most of us, blogger bloggers even bought the certificate and couldn't install it, some even used Cloudflare Free Ssl Certificate. And couldn't achieve what they wanted, do you know what's that? Their sites was not fully secure. And most of them are now campaigning that Google doesn't allow Ssl Certificate for blogger custom domain.

That's a lie, don’t listen to such rumors. It's the rumor formed by bloggers that don’t know anything about blogging. But today, I promise you that all the rumors you have heard are now moonlight stories.

Because if you don’t Switch your site over to HTTPS before June 2018, Google Chrome will mark your site as unsecure, as they said in a blog post.

So How Do I Switch My Custom Blogger Domain From HTTP To HTTPS

It’s very simple and easy, you won't even believe you this, we have been sleeping on top of diamonds, looking for diamond. No one knows that Google even preserved free https for our blogger custom domain.

You are already stretching your hand to do the thing right? Just read, very soon you will Switch your site, just stay with me. 

To switch your http site over to https, login to your Blogger through this link, then go to settings. As shown in the screenshot below.
Then turn on the HTTPS Availability by changing no to Yes, refresh the page, you will see this, just as shown in the screenshot below.
It means that Google is switching and installing your free ssl certificate on your blog, so exercise patience and refresh the page after 5 minutes, and the yellow stuffs will clear. Then turn on the HTTPS Redirects changing the no to yes. And your blog will now become full secured blog with ssl certificate.

Hope this helps.

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