Thursday, February 8, 2018

CopyScape Plagiarism Detection Software Checks Content Originality

Copyscape is an online service which will let you find who is copying your blog post and using RSS feed to create an auto RSS blog.
Though Google takes copy content spam seriously but sometimes due to duplicate content and search engine algorithm, Google may treat copied content as original, and you might lose search engine ranking because of copied content.

Though we know how to fight against blog plagiarism before that it’s important to know which blog is copying your content and this is where Copyscape come into the picture.

How to use Copyscape?

Copyscape offers a free and premium version. To start with you can try their free version and if required, you can always try premium version of Copyscape.

Go to Copyscape homepage and type your blog address and hit GO button.

On the next page, you will see result from the page which has copied posts from your blog. If you are using notes and other feature of social bookmarking websites, you might see such results here.
You can ignore such results.
try to find hosting and other details and refer to this post to report such websites which are copying content from your blog. At the time of writing, I might not go for the premium version of Copyscape but in future, I will certainly try its premium version. Here is a video that explains everything about Copyscape:

Once you have found out which all websites/blogs are copying content from your site, next task is to report it to Webhosting, blogging companies like (Medium, WordPress, Blogger) & also get it removed from Google search.
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Usually I don’t really pay much attention to anything else apart from getting it removed from search engine.

Do let us know if you are using Copyscape or any alternative tool to copyscape to find people copying your blog content?

Credit to Harsh Agrawal

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