Thursday, September 13, 2018

Latest Airtel Data Plan: N100 For 2Gb And N500 For 10Gb


Hello guys Latest Airtel Data Plan is the latest trend in town now, I believe you don't know yet, but today you go know because so far am concerned, no tech stuff will escape us.

So what's this Latest Airtel Data Plan all about? My brother calm down, it's something that you will like and might have been dreaming of because country hard and money for data plan is sometimes wahalla.

So the new Airtel Data Plan came to save us, with this Airtel Data Plan, you can use N100 to get N2gb, incredible right? Am not yet done! You can also use N500 to get 10Gb.

How To Activate Airtel Data Plan For Free

Am so sorry that those already on Airtel network won't enjoy this, the only way to join the moving train is if you have Mtn Sim, because you need to port from Mtn to Airtel.

After porting, you won't lose your Mtn Number, your family and friends can still continue to call you with you, but it will no longer be Mtn sim, but Airtel sim. And remember porting is absolutely free, don't let this chewing gums girl collect your hard earned money from you.

How To Port From Mtn To Airtel For Free 

Just Carry your national identity card or your student's identity card, if you don't have the cards that I mentioned, use your voter's card and if you don't have voter's card, stop reading from here, this post is not meant for you.

And for those who have any of the card listed above, congratulations and welcome to level 2, now take your card with you to any Airtel office or store nearest to you, and kindly request for the Port form.

Then fill the form properly, and give them back, once they are done processing your request, you will receive sms from Mtn to reboot and put the Airtel sim you ported to. As simple as that? Yes, just reboot your phone and your sim will automatically be Airtel.

How To Get 2Gb With N100 And 10Gb With N500

I know you are craving to see, to do whatever the hell you want, but am with the key, so let's be going down slowly, if you can't read up to 5 minutes, but always looking for answers, you will never make it in life.

Discussion continues, When you have rebooted your phone and your sim is now Airtel, just hurry and recharge your Airtel New Sim through your bank mobile app or any other recharging app, don't use ussd to recharge, before you go say wetin I tutored here ain't working and I will tell my village people to start following you.

Lol! My village people won't follow you, but Airtel Data Plan will fall on you, so when you've recharged successfully with your bank mobile app or any other recharge apps, you will be credited with 2gb instantly, and this bonus lasts for 30 days, so this is it, the Airtel Data Plan that is trending.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Get N2000 With N100 Using Mtn

It's been long, but to Get N2000 With N100 Using Mtn, please click the bell below and subscribe to my blog, I believe you've done that, now it's time for lecture, please get your jotter and pen.

The question that will be coming to your mind now is, is this a cheat or illegal stuff? Or is this legal? Actually, it is legal and sponsored by Mtn so you can get your Own N2000 with N100 Using Mtn, you won't go to hell.

How To Get N2000 With N100 Using Mtn

And if you know you are not on ipulse, please don't be angry or annoyed, I know those that are not on ipulse are very angry with me now but am sorry, but this is exclusively and only meant for Mtn ipulse users, so to get N2000 With N100 Using Mtn  you must be on ipulse tariff plan. 

Some are already waiting to see the code, but am sorry to disappoint you guys but there is no code involved, just try recharging, if you are credited and you get N2000 With N100 Using Mtn, it's your luck.
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Latest Mtn Cheat

Many people are searching for Latest Mtn Cheat but couldn't find any, while Latest Mtn Cheat is wasting, just relax grab your smart phone, for what you are about to learn is God's sent.

The most beautiful part of this Latest Mtn Cheat is that all sim cards are eligible for the Free MTN 500MB Data irrespective of their prepaid plan or sim card type. Let’s go straight to the point, how do we get this data bonus

How To Start Enjoying The Latest Mtn Cheat

Don't rush me, I can see you are already salivating  for the Latest Mtn Cheat, No offence, but it's too early for that, so please kindly exercise patience and keep reading. 

So firstly you need to download My Mtn App from Google play store, when you are done installing the app, open the app and select your country which is Nigeria, because this Latest Mtn Cheat is exclusively for Nigerians.

Discussion continues, when you've installed the app, opened it and selected your country Nigeria as we discussed above, you then enter your mobile number without country code, when you are done, wait for it to boot, LOL, I mean to load the homepage, if it's taking too, get a cup of tea. 

I believe it didn't take up to 5 minutes to load right? If it did, then your village people is following you, but it seems they are not, so please kindly and carefully look for free 500mb on the homepage as if you are looking for office pin. 

You've found it right? Just shout Gotcha, I believe someone is already asking you who you got, tell him or her you've just found free Mtn 500mb, you just hit Latest Mtn Cheat for free.

I almost forgot, I didn't tell you what to do next after you've found the free 500mb on the homepage, just click and it and you will receive alert, like bank alert, but it's expiration date when the Latest Mtn Cheat Mb will expire.

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nnu Income Program Review 2018

Hey mate, I’d be making an nnu income program review today; is it scam or Legit?        

They claim It’s a legitimate online business in Nigeria where you can make at least N50,000+ monthly [depends on your activeness] doing just a few tasks such as posting a status on Facebook, leaving comments on posts by sharing your views, referring others etc, so its 100% Legit.

You want to register for nnu program?

  • Fill in your correct details like name, email etc.
  • Choose Paystack as payment option and Pay your N1,600 using your ATM Card.
  • Once payment is complete, your account is approved automatically, no need to wait.
  • If the payment doesn’t go through, try and initiate it again. Make Money easily. 

NNU is the Best for now and it’s paying very well.
You don’t have to be afraid.

I am waiting for August Payment, so stop whatever you are doing, go to their website with your N1,600 , register and start earning too.

If you still want to read my review; then do so below;

If you are on this page, then it’s either one of the search terms below brought you;
  • nnu income opportunity.
  • nip nnu income program.
  • Nigeria news income program.
  • nnu payment proof or nnu registration.
  • nnu register links.
But I don’t care what search term you used to arrive here.

All I care about is your well being.

Trust me, this is a very honest review on program and not some crap review on google that is only there to make some commissions from you.

I will let you know everything about the Nigeria news income program and also why I decided to not waste my time promoting it PLUS I will show you how to register on nnu as well.

Again Trust Me. This program is legit.

Different ways to earn on the Nnu Income Program
This is the best ways to make money on the nnu income opportunity program according to the official website itself.

As a participant, you have 4 options to earn more money to your bank account every month on NNU Income Program.


As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part of NNU activities monthly.

Active daily login

When you login to your account daily on NNU browsing and reading news, you earn N50 or more depending on daily revenue share.

Commenting and Contributing

When you browse each post, read and contribute your view by comment, you earn from N1 and above on each post you commented depending on daily ad revenue.

Sharing sponsored post on Facebook

As from November 1st, we assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline, you earn 50 Naira daily on assigned post you share as recommended.

As a member, you are not allowed to share any post news to earn except the assigned sponsored post. Unless you wish to share any interesting post with your friends on social media. 

We assign a particular post to members on daily basis which we only pay for. On pay day, your Facebook timeline will be reviewed to see if NNU assigned sponsored post is present on your timeline, calculate and pay you including other activities and affiliate earning with our monthly revenue share.


As an affiliate, you earn 62.5% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on NIP, you earn N1,000 Naira from their entry fee/product purchase and becoming part of NNU Community. In future when we will be having more valuable products, you will be earning more commission per sales.

NAP (NNU Affiliate program) is one of the best ways to make huge money on nnu it has to do with inviting others into the program (It’s how i made N130,000+) as said earlier.

How to Register for NNU income Program or NNU Registration Procedures

Follow the step by step guide below to do this super fast.

  • After the nnu registration, you need to purchase the NIP Pack of N1,600. You can either buy it using your debit card online or using coupon or you’d be provided with bank details where you can pay to.
  • Pay and your account will be approved.

Now after you register on nnu and your account has been approved, you can start taking part commenting on posts, writing your own posts, sharing the post on Facebook. and make your money.

Damn easy stuff right? Please use me as your referral by clicking any of the nnu image you see on this post, that's all you can give me for teaching you nnu income program review.

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How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

Learn how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria, it's simple and easy to start as Mr Jide Ogunsanya explained it.
No matter where you are in Nigeria, you can start making money in Nigeria by printing and selling recharge cards. Those recharge vouchers you buy by the road side, in your street etc are printed by people like you. The airtime vouchers don’t fall from heaven. I’ve been printing airtime vouchers in Nigeria for the past 8 years.

Well, starting recharge card printing business is not rocket science. You only have to put some things in place and know reliable companies that sell recharge cards pins in Nigeria. Things you need to start recharge card printing business include :

  • Computer: can be a desktop computer or laptop.
  • Printer: Laserjet recommended.
  • A4 papers.
  • ePins of any network you want to print.
  • Recharge card printing software eg NetDivo ePin Manager. 

I did not include internet access because it’s not compulsory. Most recharge card printing softwares don’t require internet for printing recharge cards. More so, a dealer might be in your neighbourhood and getting epins from such a dealer might just be a matter of walking in to the dealer shop to pick up a flash drive or CD containing your epins.

If you are dealing with a dealer or sub dealer that is far away from you, then you will need internet access to download the epins they will be sending to your email. When doing this, it’s better you do it on your personal computer and not at a cyber cafe where anyone can access your email especially if you forget to sign out from your email account before leaving the cyber cafe.

Once you have your laptop, printer and papers ready, proceed to download recharge card printing software. Install it and ensure you learn how to use it.

You can download recharge card printing pdf by NetDivo to learn how to use the NetDivo ePin manager software for recharge cards printing.

You can download NetDivo recharge card printing software and install for FREE on your computer, but you will not be able to use it until you activate it. Activating the NetDivo software will cost you N9,500.

If you pay the N9,500 to activate your copy of the NetDivo software, and you will receive the following below.

  • sample ePin file you can print out for training purposes only.
  • contact details of where you can buy ePins of all networks in Nigeria.

Once you have mastered how to use the software and have the contact of where you can buy ePins, then proceed to order for your ePins. Once delivered to you, upload to the recharge card printing software and print them out accordingly.

Once printed, sell and make your money.
Mind you, the volume of your sales will determine how much money you can make from recharge card printing business in Nigeria and happy selling.

I hope this helps.

Feel free to ask me questions via comments and please, SHARE how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria with your loved ones.
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Friday, August 24, 2018

How To Make $100 With Facebook Account

Do you know you make more than $100 with Your Facebook Account?

It's simple, Did you hear about recent Facebook Research Program? Actually you might know know but for the sake of those that don't know yet.

There is a Facebook research program that is currently going on but sadly it's only meant for those in India and USA, but I can teach you how to bypass the restriction and download the app.

So How Do I Make $100 With Facebook Account And What Is Facebook Research Program?

Facebook in partnership with Applause Inc.
They are doing a research and collecting informations on how people use apps using an app you will be asked to install.

Once you download this app successfully and also installed it in your phone. You are entitled to receive $10 Dollars per month to registered paypal email address you submitted.

If you invite 5 persons and they download and install the app you will receive extra bonus in cash totaling upto $100 or more.

Hope am making sense?

Benefits Of This Facebook Research Program

  • free sign-up.
  • $10 for registering and keeping the app on your phone.
  • $15 per someone you refer and extra $ when they keep the app on their phone.
  • No registration fee.
  • money paid straight to your PayPal account and ready for you to withdraw in a matter of seconds.
  • its real, legit, and it pays.

How To Join Facebook Research Program 

Just subscribe to my blog, share this post to WhatsApp and comment how, and I will reply you with the link to join and make $100 With Facebook Account, the earlier the better.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

How to get free web hosting in Nigeria

You can now get free web hosting in Nigeria at HUB8, unlike any other webhost in the entire industry, they offer you web hosting for FREE. The best part, though, is that the free service is just as good as the paid one. Surprisingly, there are no Ads associated with the free service.

The free cPanel hosting plan features a single website with 500 Mb disk space and 100 GB bandwidth, both of which would adequately meet the needs of a personal or a small business website. The 99.9% uptime guarantee, even for the free webhosting, sweetens the deal further.

But wait! That’s not all! The free hosting has even more to offer. The super-fast SSD disks with optimized versions of software will ensure boosted loading time for your website. Finally, two antiviruses will regularly scan your website to make sure that everything’s running smooth and the security of your website is not being, or has been, breached.

Another great feature worth mentioning is that HUB8 uses cPanel; the industry standard, user-friendly control panel offering a convenient interface for managing all aspects of your webhosting account. Moreover, HUB8 is fully compatible with the most popular CMS including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

For many personal and small business websites, the free hosting plan offers plenty of value. However, if you feel that your website is too ‘demanding’; you can always upgrade to HUB8’s paid, more powerful hosting that features more storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited database. The ‘Enterprise’ hosting plan additionally offers a separate server, twice as much memory, and 4 times faster CPU speed.

With the free webhosting plan, the only thing you’ll need to pay for is the domain name, or you can use your existing domain name if you already one, and still avail all the benefits of the free hosting plan. HUB8 offers over 450 domain extensions to choose from, and is currently working to add ‘’ and ‘.ng’ domains to their domain portfolio.

Why Does HUB8 Offer Free Web Hosting In Nigeria So Much?

That’s also a good question.

HUB8 considers itself your Growth Partner and is committed to helping individuals like you in establishing a successful online presence. As the needs of your website expand, Hub8 is hopeful that you will subscribe to the paid hosting service and avail a more powerful web hosting.

A quality hosting service at zero cost is Hub8’s commitment and if you choose to stick with the free hosting plan, you’re more than welcome to.

You can get started here immediately, h ttps://

Other Things About HUB8 Free Web Hosting In Nigeria

HUB8 Nigeria is a branch of the global web host and domain registrar and it has recently launched its services in Nigeria. The company is a reliable webhost helping individuals in emerging countries to easily set up their websites and make the most out of their businesses.

What Services does HUB8 Offer

  1. Domain Registration (as low as N350). 
  2. cPanel Web Hosting.
  3. Visual Website builder.
  4. WordPress Hosting (includes premium themes.)

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How to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate

Knowing how to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate helps a lot but I expect you to be aware that it expires every 90 days. While some web hosting companies autorenew letsencrypt for you, some don't. If your web hosting company doesn't auto renew it for you, you can renew it manually by yourself.

The free Letsencrypt ssl certificate which I generated from and installed on one of my WordPress sites hosted on Namecheap expired yesterday and I've been able to renew it successfully.

I renewed it manually because as at the time of publishing this post, Namecheap doesn't offer one-click installation of letsencrypt ssl certificate via cPanel.

How To Renew Letsencrypt Ssl Certificate 

  1. Generate new free ssl certificate for the site at
  2. Uninstall and delete the expired letsencrypt certificate from cPanel (Security > ssl/tls > Manage SSL Sites.)
  3. Install the new ssl certificate in cPanel as explained here.

That's all.

I deleted the old ssl certificate from to stop further notifications for the certificate.

About Letsencrypt Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a project of non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) whose aim is to offer digital certificates which can be used to enable https (ssl/tls) on websites for free including support for the ACME DNS challenge, ECDSA signing, IPv6, and Internationalized Domain Names.

Hope it worked? You now know how to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate by yourself.
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How to add pinterest latest pins widget to blogger blog

Since 2012 how to add pinterest latest pins widget to blogger blog have been made available to enable you display Your Pinterest pins on your blogspot website using a Pinterest made blogger widget.

You can easily add the Pinterest Blogger widget to your blogger sitebar or footer to enable easy access. To add this widget to your blogspot website follow below steps.

How to Add Pinterest Latest Pins Widget to Blogger blog

Visit Pinterest widget builder page Select Profile Widget if you want to display general pins, or select Board Widget to display pins from a board. The widget will show up to 30 most recent pins. Recent updates which you posted on your Pinterest board or profile:

Enter your Pinterest profile or board URL as prompted. To get either URL, first go to Pinterest homepage, and then:

For profile/user's URL, click on your profile icon on top right hand corner of the page. For Board URL, click on a board from your board lists.

Now Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar, paste it into the text field and hit Enter key.

A preview of the widget will appear underneath the builder. You can customize the image size, widget width and height via Advance Settings.

The default image size is 92px, widget height is 175px and widget width is set to fit in the widget container. Once you’re done customizing, you’ll be given two codes. One code is a HTML link, something similar to this:

and the other one is the a Pinterest script:

Final Procedure On How To Add Pinterest Latest Pins Widget To Blogger Blog

Go to Layout in Your blogger dashboard > Select Add A Gadget and select HTML/ Javascript gadget. Copy the HTML link and the Pinterest script in Steps above and paste it inside the content box then save your settings.

With the above Steps you have successfully added a new Pinterest Widget to your blogger website. hope your site have a new look after adding the Pinterest pins Widget? Please share this post on your timeline and also teach others how to add pinterest latest pins widget to blogger blog for free.
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

How to add push notifications to blogger blogs for free

If you are looking for a means to add push notifications to blogger blogs or a way of notifying your blog readers instantly after publishing a blog post, you can try adding web push notifications to your Blogger blog by making use of You don’t even have to create a mobile app for your Blogger blog just to get the benefit of the push notifications.

Integrating push notifications on your blog will enable you send latest blog updates to your blog visitors desktop or mobile devices even when your blog is not open in their web browsers. In addition, you will be able to build a list of blog visitors which you can re engage without knowing their email or other contact details - a perfect alternative to building a list of email subscribers.

With Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers providing support for web push, the reach of web push notifications is immense. Since users don’t need to give their email id or other contact details and they also have the ability to unsubscribe from receiving notification easily whenever they want, the opt-ins for web push notifications are higher than emails.

Why You Should Add Push Notifications To Blogger Blogs And Also Use Onesignal Push Notifications Service

  1. It is a free service.
  2. HTTPS/SSL not required but recommended.
  3. It offers detailed reporting tools.
  4. It supports unlimited subscribers and notifications.
  5. It provides marketing tools including A/B testing, segment targeting, variable-substitution, localization, drip marketing, and conversion tracking.
  6. It provides a single UI and API to deliver messages across iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Windows Phone, Chrome Apps, Amazon Alexa, Safari, Chrome Web and Firefox.

How To Add Push Notifications To Blogger Blogs For Free

  • Sign up for an account at
  • Click "Add a New App", enter your blog name and click "Create"
  • .Select "Website Push" from the platforms options and click "Next".
  • Select "Chrome & Mozilla Firefox" from the browsers options and click "Next".
  • Enter your blog url, icon url and click "Save".
  • Select 'Website Push" as your target SDK and take note of the displayed appid.
  • Open the installation doc link in another tab. The doc is where you will see the code to place on your blog.
  • Enter your Onesignal appid in the code.
  • Copy and paste the code in the head section of your Blogger blog html.
  • View your blog on Chrome browser (another tab/window if currently using Chrome browser) and subscribe to the push notifications.
  • Go back to your Onesignal dashboard and click "done" to complete the set up.
That's all, it works right? Now teach others how to add push notifications to blogger blogs for free.
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how i receive sulvo ad network payment In Nigeria

It's no longer news that I use sulvo ad network payment in addition to Google Adsense ads. The sticky 300x250 ad that you see by the right hand corner when you view this blog on desktop and that sticky 300x100 that displays at the top when you view this blog on mobile are both Sulvo ads. I get paid per thousand impression of Sulvo ads served on my blog, not per click.

Sulvo offers three payment methods for publishers : Payoneer, Wire transfer and Paypal. Out of the options, I am currently using my Payoneer account to receive my Sulvo payment here in Nigeria. Sulvo transfers my earnings to my U.S bank account and it reflects in Payoneer Mastercard balance. I can then choose to exchange the Payoneer fund for Naira, use it for online shopping or to pay for my Facebook ads.

Here is screenshot of Sulvo payment I received last month :


and here is the one I received this month :


The international wire transfer option is free but I didn't opt in for it because if I am to receive my Sulvo earnings in US dollars to my dom account, I will have to pay $26 fee as seen in the screenshot below. This doesn't make sense to me.
So, the Payoneer payment option is OK for me.

Have you ever been paid by Sulvo? If yes, which payment option are you using  to receive your sulvo ad network payment earnings?
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

High Paying Agricultural Jobs In Nigeria

Agriculture used to be the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy before the oil boom. Nigeria was a powerhouse in the production of cocoa, palm kernel (used for Palm oil) and other cash crops and even non-cash crops.
For some time, the sector has been neglected but the government under the outgoing administration has made some remarkable efforts to revive this money spinning sector of the economy and bring it back to its glory days. Jobs have been and are still being created and young people are being encouraged to take up agriculture as an option to seeking white/blue collar jobs.

Let us look at 9 high paying agricultural jobs in Nigeria.

  1. Vet Doctor (Veterinarian)

Animals just like humans are prone to sickness, whether they be domestic or farm animals. And they definitely need care and treatment from time to time. Are you trained in this area? If you are a lover of animals, you might give this a thought. Some research results have shown that the health of animals is inextricably connected to human and environmental health. As long as there are farm animals, there will be a demand for veterinarians. The importance of veterinarians in agriculture goes far beyond the need to keep valuable livestock healthy. Vet doctors in most case always have private practice, so are in full control of what they earn as charges for services rendered. Veterinarians can earn as much as between N150,000 to N250,000 per month.

2. Horticulturists

This is an aspect of farming that focuses skills and experience on growing and selling highly marketable fruits and vegetables, flowers, and decorative plants. Landscape designers, nursery managers, florists, and forestry experts manage natural resources on both public and private lands, as well as for the timber industry and large private corporations, and for farms that grow and sell flowers and plants. The fact that there aren’t many people involved yet means there is huge opportunity to be tapped into and money to be made. Even the government is campaigning for green environment. Horticulturists are in most cases too in private practice, and could earn as much as N250,000 per month or even more.

3. Farm Extension Workers

As new ways of farming are being discovered old farmers that do not have access to such information need those who do to assist them with this information. Graduates who have agricultural background and have knowledge of new techniques and technologies will have a lot of clients to serve or should they decide to be fully employed on be on the payroll of a farm business, it all stacks up together. You will still earn some considerable income. This is also tied to the fact that extension workers are graduates. If they are in full employment, they could earn with the range of N50, 000 to N80,000 per month or more.

4. Farm Workers and Labourers

Farmlands are usually vast and large expanses and always require several tens or even hundreds of workers to work on them. There is job for farm workers and labourers in greenhouses, nurseries, farms and ranches. Farm workers and labourers are essential to the agriculture industry, and despite the seasonal nature of some jobs, they are always in demand. The sheer number and diversity of jobs in this category may surprise you. In addition to planting and harvesting crops, farm workers and labourers perform related tasks such as installing irrigation systems, packing and loading harvested food onto trucks for shipment, and maintaining farm equipment. They also do routine animal care tasks on ranches and dairy farms, keep written records on animals, assist at births, and keep animal housing areas clean. Because their work does not involve a lot of thinking the money they earn seem small compared to others, but for the level of skill required to do their work, they could earn in the range of N35,000 – N50,000.

5. Agricultural Equipment Operators

Agricultural equipment requires high-skilled individuals to operate them. The workers drive, operate and maintain the equipment used to plant and harvest crops, such as tractors, balers, conveyors, manure spreaders, mowers, shredders, harvesters, and power washers. The job outlook for agricultural equipment operators has been continuously doing well for the past 10 years, and this is not likely to reduce as time goes on. This category of farm workers earn in the region of N60,000 to N70,000. You will make much more if you own an equipment and do hiring services.

6. Produce transportation

The job of conveying agricultural produce is not just a business of truck drivers, it is a job that requires a lot of technical expertise for loading and unloading in order to preserve the market quality of the produce. Several billions of Naira is being lost annually to produce spoilage as a result of irregular handling during transportation. People who are involved in produce transportation makes chunks of money doing it. They could work for farm owners or own the vehicles themselves. There is really no figure here because what they earn during harvest is far more than what they earn during the non-harvesting season. A trip could fetch about N50,000 or more depending on the distance or market value of produce.

7. Food Processing/Packaging

One of the ways to preserve raw farm produce is when they are processed and then packaged so that they can last long. This provides a wonderful job opportunity to anyone who is willing to earn big by starting a food processing business or packaging. Contemporary packing operations are usually done with sophisticated package processing equipment that takes skill and experience to operate. As you might expect, the employment outlook for food packers in agriculture is best in parts of the country where agriculture is a larger part of the economy, like in some parts of the North and East. But secondary food processing companies pays their professional staff really well. If you are employed in a food processing and packaging company, you are likely to earn between N35,000 to N50,000 depending on job responsibility. But if you own the outfit, then a food processing/packaging company can generate as much as N500,000 to above N5,000,000 depending on the size of the company.

8. Agribusiness Management

Although this is not common around here, but it is a viable job or business option that is guaranteed to fetch good income. Agribusiness is the management field of the agriculture industry. Some who work in agribusiness own or manage farms and ranches themselves; others work for separate businesses that exist to support farms and ranches. If you can develop yourself in business management generally and have basic knowledge of agriculture, then you are good to go. And there is no limit to how much you can earn, because you can service as many farms and ranches as possible, depending on the kind of structure you can come up with.

9. Agricultural and Natural Resources Communications

Do you love advocacy and still have interest in agriculture? Then this is for you (You could refer to someone in this profession as an activist). Agricultural communications professionals work in print and broadcast journalism, on the staff of magazines and newspapers, as press spokespeople, as public relations, advertising, and marketing executives, and as educators. Job growth for public relations jobs is especially strong and the prospect is very high. These positions are usually filled by those who read courses related to agricultural extension and rural development.Journalists and communicators earn sometimes on a commission basis and/or salaries. You can combine both and earn within a minimum of N100,000 monthly

Have you decided to give agriculture a trial? Do you find this piece encouraging? Do you have more information in this regard you can share with us?
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Lets You Save Instagram Photos To Computer and Phones

The Instagram you know today is not very good, just because it helps us to share photos with our family and friends, it is also a perfect place to discover latest photos around the world, and if you want to start saving the photos you see on Instagram on your Mobile phone and Computer, I believe that this tutorial am giving will help you using instagrabbr. offers a free service which allows anyone to search and save images from any instagram account. All you just need to do is to enter an instagram username and save the pictures you like. If you need to copy a picture from another user on Instagram i.e save someone’s pictures on Instagram to your phone or computer, the site will allow you to do so with ease.

So How Do I Use Instagrabbr To Save Photos To My Mobile Phone And Computer

==> Go to on your PC or phone browser.

==> Enter a username and click the search button

==> Click on any picture you like, to enlarge it

==> If you want to save to computer, right-click and “save as...”. If you want to save to a phone (touchscreen), press the picture and select “Save Image” from the pop up options.

That’s all.

I hope it works for you.
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How To Activate Verve Cards For Online Transactions at Nigeria ATMs

If any of the banks in Nigeria issued a verve card to you, you can use the card to pay for local online transactions, i.e buying from Jumia, Konga and many others online transactions websites. If you have a registered interswitch safetoken service.

What Is Safetoken and how do I get mine for my verve card

Interswitch safetoken service is a system that generates a 6-8 digital One Time Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is done via the Interswitch web payment form.

Registering your verve card for the safetoken allows you to carry out transactions on any web merchant website that has intergrated Interswitch Payment Gateway using a One Time Password (OTP) as a second level authentication process plus your Card Number, PIN and CVV2 code. 

For you to be able generate OTP for your Verve card whenever you are carrying out a transaction with it, you will first have to register it for the safetoken service. You can do that at a nearest ATM by following the steps below:

==> At the ATM, insert your Verve card
==> Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
==> Select your bank account type eg Savings or Current
==> Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
==> Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
==> Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
==> Enter ‘322222” as the Biller Code
==> Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed
==> You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1. (DO NOT edit the amount to be paid)
==> Click on “pay amount due”. 

You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful, That’s all.
Thereafter, if you want to pay online with your verve card and you get to a stage where you are prompted to enter an OTP, you will get the OTP via SMS which you will use to complete your online transactions. If you add the verve card to the Quickteller Mobile Application, you will also be able to generate OTP for your transactions here. You can read ways you can generate OTP for your transactions here.

I hope this helps.
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If you are interested in a free music site, I highly recommend Nutsie is just like the well known internet radio

Lots of music playlists are loaded in to help lighten your spirit. You can listen to music that is for sale on for free. And many other music charts in the website.

So try and Visit Nutsie com to listen to free music.
Hope this helps.

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In 2017 our favorite, the website we do visit to get Love Letters, Quote, Poems, ecards et cetra. Was changed to a fashion page. But you can still access the website.
To access the Love Letters, visit Love Letters
To access the Quote, visit Quote
To access the Long Love Messages, visit Long Love Messages
Through this sites above, accessing won't be a problem anymore, just select your favorite page.
No body have been able to tell why the home Page was changed, but it's a matter of choice, maybe the owner of the blog was not generating enough revenue from the blog and she did what was supposed to be done. But we hope he or she won't remove the love letters from the archive. 
Hope this worked for you.  
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to Activate HTTPS In Your Blogger Custom Domain Without Buying Ssl Certificate

It is the dream of  every Blogger to protect his or her readers from Hackers and Viruses, but most of the Bloggers don't have money to buy the Ssl Certificate to update their blog from HTTP to HTTPS. Some of us even bought ssl certificate but don't know how to install it on their blog. So today I will teach you how I changed my custom blogger blog domain from HTTP to HTTPS.

What Is  The Difference Between HTTP And HTTP

Firstly let's start with http, according to Wikipedia HTTP is an application protocol, collaboration, and hypermedia information system. Http is the foundation of data communication for the world wide web.

You might now be thinking, what's Https? According to my own definition, it's an updated version of HTTP that adapts to the hypertext transfer protocol for secure communication over a computer network.

It's very easy for WordPress users to Switch their custom Domains over to HTTPS by buying ssl certificate, and after installing the Ssl Certificate, their site automatically changes to HTTPS.

Like I said in the beginning, most of us, blogger bloggers even bought the certificate and couldn't install it, some even used Cloudflare Free Ssl Certificate. And couldn't achieve what they wanted, do you know what's that? Their sites was not fully secure. And most of them are now campaigning that Google doesn't allow Ssl Certificate for blogger custom domain.

That's a lie, don’t listen to such rumors. It's the rumor formed by bloggers that don’t know anything about blogging. But today, I promise you that all the rumors you have heard are now moonlight stories.

Because if you don’t Switch your site over to HTTPS before June 2018, Google Chrome will mark your site as unsecure, as they said in a blog post.

So How Do I Switch My Custom Blogger Domain From HTTP To HTTPS

It’s very simple and easy, you won't even believe you this, we have been sleeping on top of diamonds, looking for diamond. No one knows that Google even preserved free https for our blogger custom domain.

You are already stretching your hand to do the thing right? Just read, very soon you will Switch your site, just stay with me. 

To switch your http site over to https, login to your Blogger through this link, then go to settings. As shown in the screenshot below.
Then turn on the HTTPS Availability by changing no to Yes, refresh the page, you will see this, just as shown in the screenshot below.
It means that Google is switching and installing your free ssl certificate on your blog, so exercise patience and refresh the page after 5 minutes, and the yellow stuffs will clear. Then turn on the HTTPS Redirects changing the no to yes. And your blog will now become full secured blog with ssl certificate.

Hope this helps.

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How To Activate MTN Double Data

Hey, am here with another tutorial on how to Activate MTN Double Data, you are already thinking, what's this double data all about?. It is what you think, this data plan helps multiply your your data, like if you buy 1GB you will get 2GB. 

And you know that MTN monthly data bundle can be finished up within 1 week if you are in an where their network connection's speed is Cool. Not to talk of 4g, if you are using 4G LTE Phone or sim, you already know what I mean, you can exaust the monthly data bundle within 3 working days, if you are always online on social networks like Facebook, Instagram et cetra.

So we won't allow MTN to be robbing us in mid day light, just like me that is using the MTN Monthly Data Bundle to blog then, MTN have done a lot to me. Then, I use to subscribe monthly, so that I won't worry data for the rest of the month, but MTN do disappoint me regularly.

To my greatest surprise, I subscribed for monthly data during one weekend and before Thursday the upper week, I was looking for my data, I couldn't believe what my eyes saw that day, I contacted their customer care agents but I was getting the same reply from all of them, which is "you've exausted your data plan".

That was a painful experience to me and since then, many of us that was affected by this have been working day and night to make things better for ourselves and our readers and finally we came up with a solution, and the solution is what am going to teach you now. So stay with me.

How Do I Activate MTN Double Data Plan?

This was the first question of one of my readers, that have been disturbing me to come up with a solution concerning MTN Double Data. So here we go, activating MTN Double Data won't take anything from you, it's free and I think it is sponsored by MTN. 

So this one is not a cheat or does it require any app to be activated, you can activate it with any mobile phone or laptop and it works on all MTN SIM. 

To activate this newest MTN data Plan, open your phone message and compose a new message, which is send "Double to 131", wait to receive their message. As shown in the screenshot below.

After you receive their response as shown in the screenshot above then send "Promo to 131" and a pop up like shown in the screenshot below will appear. Then enter 1 to accept.
Finally you have activated MTN Double Data, you are just one step away to complete the activation, to complete the activation send "Free to 131". And you will receive the final message as shown in the screenshot below.
Finally, we are done with activating MTN Double Data Plan, if you activated yours successfully, when you buy 1GB, you will now get 2GB.
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Friday, February 23, 2018

With rules repealed, what's next for net neutrality?

There is is a battle going on with the Federal Communications Commission's(FCC) because of net neutrality rules.

The worst part of it is that net neutrality required all web traffic to be treated equally, but the Republicans on the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) decried the regulatory structure as a gross overreach and quickly moved to reverse them once the Trump administration came to power.

According to a source, the reversal of the rules was published in the Federal Register Thursday, although it still remains month for the order to be implemented, but the supporters of net neutrality are now free according to the law to mount legal challenges to the action.
A coalition of Democratic state attorneys general, public interest groups and internet companies have vowed to fight in the courts. Twenty-three states, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D), have already filed a lawsuit.

“An open internet, and the free exchange of ideas it allows, is critical to our democratic process. Repealing net neutrality will allow internet service providers to put corporate profits over consumers by controlling what we see, do, and say online,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “Consumers and businesses in New York and across the country have the right to a free and open internet, and our coalition of Attorneys General won’t stop fighting to protect that right.”

The emerging court battle over net neutrality could keep the issue in limbo for years.

Meanwhile, a separate battle over the rules is brewing in Congress.

Senate Democrats have secured enough support to force a vote on a bill that would erase the FCC’s December vote and leave the net neutrality rules in place.

The bill, which is being pushed by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), would use a legislative tool called the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to roll back the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality.

The entry of the FCC’s repeal order in the Federal Register Thursday means that the Senate has 60 legislative days to move on the CRA bill. Democrats have secured support from one Republican, Sen. Susan Collins (Maine), and need just one more to cross the aisle for the bill to pass the chamber.

“The internet doesn’t belong to big internet service providers and special interests who want to turn it into a toll road where consumers will pay more while the biggest corporations get to ride in the fast lane,” Markey said in a statement Thursday.

“With only 60 legislative days to find one more vote, I call on my Republican colleagues to join us and the vast majority of Americans who want the internet to remain free and open and a level playing field for everyone.”

Even if Democrats do manage to find the tie-breaking vote in the Senate, the bill is almost certain to die in the House. But Democrats see a roll call vote as an opportunity to make GOP members stake out a position on an issue that they think could resonate in the midterm elections.

On yet another front, Democratic states around the country have already launched their own attack on the FCC’s rules. Five governors (from Montana, Hawaii, New Jersey, Vermont and New York) have in recent weeks signed executive orders forbidding their states from doing business with internet service providers who violate net neutrality principles.

And, according to the pro-net neutrality group Free Press, legislatures in 26 states are weighing bills that would codify their own open internet protections.

The local efforts could ignite a separate legal battle over whether states have the authority to counteract the FCC’s order, which included a provision preempting them from replacing the rules.

For their part, Republicans who applauded the FCC repeal are calling for a legislation that would codify some net neutrality principles. They say doing so would allow for less heavy-handed protections that provide certainty to businesses.

But most net neutrality supporters reject that course, at least while the repeal is tied up in court and Republicans control majorities in both the House and Senate. They argue that such a bill would amount to little more than watered-down protections that would be unable to keep internet providers in check.

For now, Democrats seem content to let the battles in the courts and Congress play out.

Net neutrality protections ushered in a new era of creativity, civic engagement, and innovation,” said Raffi Krikorian, the Democratic National Committee’s chief technology officer. “The FCC’s new rules will roll back years of progress and could leave American families with fewer choices and higher costs.”

Krikorian added, “Over the next 60 days and beyond, we will keep fighting to protect the free and open internet, we don’t want net neutrality that is so critical to our democracy.”


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How To Set WhatsApp Auto Reply Without Downloading Any App

Recently WhatsApp, added some new features to its app, which includes WhatsApp Auto Reply.

It sounds like magic to you right?, but it's real, WhatsApp Auto Reply helps to notify your contacts that you are currently offline or busy.

But it's your choice to set the WhatsApp auto reply or not, WhatsApp won't automatically set it for you, everything is under your control.

Also WhatsApp Auto Reply might provoke some of your contacts do to, if the person continue sending message to you, the automated message will continue to resend, just like if I send hi, I will receive your automated message, and if I send hi again, I will receive the automated message again.
So this might provoke your contacts that is trying to reach you. But if you want to continue in setting the WhatsApp Auto Reply, just follow my lead.

How To Set Your Automated WhatsApp Auto Reply Message

Step 1: Download the latest Gb WhatsApp here if you don’t have Gb WhatsApp or have not updated yours.

Step 2: Open your gb whatsapp, go to settings, you can either use your Android phone's settings button or the radio button above, as shown in the screenshot below.
Step 3: When the settings page appears, click on Gb Settings, in which another page will appear, then click on the second Enable to send Auto Reply Message, as shown in the screenshot below.
Step 4: When the enable auto reply message page opens, as you see in the screenshot below, then turn the WhatsApp Auto Reply on, by clicking and changing this red button to yellow.
Just as shown in the screenshot below.
 After Changing the red button to yellow. WhatsApp Auto Reply is now on, as shown in the screenshot below, so let's proceed to step 5.
Step 5: Click the green plus button, as shown in the screenshot above to set the automated message, and a page like this will appear.
Then on the Auto Reply Message, enter the automated message that will be sent to your contacts, also set how many seconds that the automated message should be sent in Delay Message when you didn't reply after the seconds you set for the automated message to be sent pass, as shown in the screenshot below.
Step 6: Select receiver, but I'd rather choose contacts, then scroll down and click Add. And a page will appear just as shown in the screenshot below.

And you are done! With setting WhatsApp Auto Reply, hope it's very simple to set?, don’t forget to share the love by using the share buttons below.

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