How to get free web hosting in Nigeria

You can now get free web hosting in Nigeria at HUB8, unlike any other webhost in the entire industry, they offer you web hosting for FREE. The best part, though, is that the free service is just as good as the paid one. Surprisingly, there are no Ads associated with the free service.

The free cPanel hosting plan features a single website with 500 Mb disk space and 100 GB bandwidth, both of which would adequately meet the needs of a personal or a small business website. The 99.9% uptime guarantee, even for the free webhosting, sweetens the deal further.

But wait! That’s not all! The free hosting has even more to offer. The super-fast SSD disks with optimized versions of software will ensure boosted loading time for your website. Finally, two antiviruses will regularly scan your website to make sure that everything’s running smooth and the security of your website is not being, or has been, breached.

Another great feature worth mentioning is that HUB8 uses cPanel; the industry standard…

How to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate

Knowing how to renew letsencrypt ssl certificate helps a lot but I expect you to be aware that it expires every 90 days. While some web hosting companies autorenew letsencrypt for you, some don't. If your web hosting company doesn't auto renew it for you, you can renew it manually by yourself.

The free Letsencrypt ssl certificate which I generated from and installed on one of my WordPress sites hosted on Namecheap expired yesterday and I've been able to renew it successfully.

I renewed it manually because as at the time of publishing this post, Namecheap doesn't offer one-click installation of letsencrypt ssl certificate via cPanel.

How To Renew Letsencrypt Ssl Certificate 
Generate new free ssl certificate for the site at and delete the expired letsencrypt certificate from cPanel (Security > ssl/tls > Manage SSL Sites.)Install the new ssl certificate in cPanel as explained here.
That's all.

I deleted the old ssl certif…

How to add pinterest latest pins widget to blogger blog

Since 2012 how to add pinterest latest pins widget to blogger blog have been made available to enable you display Your Pinterest pins on your blogspot website using a Pinterest made blogger widget.

You can easily add the Pinterest Blogger widget to your blogger sitebar or footer to enable easy access. To add this widget to your blogspot website follow below steps.
How to Add Pinterest Latest Pins Widget to Blogger blog Visit Pinterest widget builder page Select Profile Widget if you want to display general pins, or select Board Widget to display pins from a board. The widget will show up to 30 most recent pins. Recent updates which you posted on your Pinterest board or profile:

Enter your Pinterest profile or board URL as prompted. To get either URL, first go to Pinterest homepage, and then:

For profile/user's URL, click on your profile icon on top right hand corner of the page. For Board URL, click on a board from your board lists.

Now Copy the URL from your browser’s address…

How to add push notifications to blogger blogs for free

If you are looking for a means to add push notifications to blogger blogs or a way of notifying your blog readers instantly after publishing a blog post, you can try adding web push notifications to your Blogger blog by making use of You don’t even have to create a mobile app for your Blogger blog just to get the benefit of the push notifications.

Integrating push notifications on your blog will enable you send latest blog updates to your blog visitors desktop or mobile devices even when your blog is not open in their web browsers. In addition, you will be able to build a list of blog visitors which you can re engage without knowing their email or other contact details - a perfect alternative to building a list of email subscribers.

With Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers providing support for web push, the reach of web push notifications is immense. Since users don’t need to give their email id or other contact details and they also have the ability to unsubscribe from …

how i receive sulvo ad network payment In Nigeria

It's no longer news that I use sulvo ad network payment in addition to Google Adsense ads. The sticky 300x250 ad that you see by the right hand corner when you view this blog on desktop and that sticky 300x100 that displays at the top when you view this blog on mobile are both Sulvo ads. I get paid per thousand impression of Sulvo ads served on my blog, not per click.

Sulvo offers three payment methods for publishers : Payoneer, Wire transfer and Paypal. Out of the options, I am currently using my Payoneer account to receive my Sulvo payment here in Nigeria. Sulvo transfers my earnings to my U.S bank account and it reflects in Payoneer Mastercard balance. I can then choose to exchange the Payoneer fund for Naira, use it for online shopping or to pay for my Facebook ads.

Here is screenshot of Sulvo payment I received last month :

and here is the one I received this month :

The international wire transfer option is free but I didn't opt in for it because if I am to receive my Sulvo …

High Paying Agricultural Jobs In Nigeria

Agriculture used to be the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy before the oil boom. Nigeria was a powerhouse in the production of cocoa, palm kernel (used for Palm oil) and other cash crops and even non-cash crops.
For some time, the sector has been neglected but the government under the outgoing administration has made some remarkable efforts to revive this money spinning sector of the economy and bring it back to its glory days. Jobs have been and are still being created and young people are being encouraged to take up agriculture as an option to seeking white/blue collar jobs.

Let us look at 9 high paying agricultural jobs in Nigeria.

Vet Doctor (Veterinarian)
Animals just like humans are prone to sickness, whether they be domestic or farm animals. And they definitely need care and treatment from time to time. Are you trained in this area? If you are a lover of animals, you might give this a thought. Some research results have shown that the health of animals is inextricably connected to hum… Lets You Save Instagram Photos To Computer and Phones

The Instagram you know today is not very good, just because it helps us to share photos with our family and friends, it is also a perfect place to discover latest photos around the world, and if you want to start saving the photos you see on Instagram on your Mobile phone and Computer, I believe that this tutorial am giving will help you using instagrabbr. offers a free service which allows anyone to search and save images from any instagram account. All you just need to do is to enter an instagram username and save the pictures you like. If you need to copy a picture from another user on Instagram i.e save someone’s pictures on Instagram to your phone or computer, the site will allow you to do so with ease.
So How Do I Use Instagrabbr To Save Photos To My Mobile Phone And Computer==> Go to on your PC or phone browser.

==> Enter a username and click the search button

==> Click on any picture you like, to enlarge it

==> If you want to save to comp…

How To Activate Verve Cards For Online Transactions at Nigeria ATMs

If any of the banks in Nigeria issued a verve card to you, you can use the card to pay for local online transactions, i.e buying from Jumia, Konga and many others online transactions websites. If you have a registered interswitch safetoken service.
What Is Safetoken and how do I get mine for my verve cardInterswitch safetoken service is a system that generates a 6-8 digital One Time Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is done via the Interswitch web payment form.
Registering your verve card for the safetoken allows you to carry out transactions on any web merchant website that has intergrated Interswitch Payment Gateway using a One Time Password (OTP) as a second level authentication process plus your Card Number, PIN and CVV2 code. 

For you to be able generate OTP for your Verve card whenever you are carrying out a transaction with it, you will first have to register it for the safetoken service. You can do that at a nearest ATM by following the steps below:

==> At the ATM, insert y… Listen to Top Music Online

If you are interested in a free music site, I highly recommend Nutsie is just like the well known internet radio

Lots of music playlists are loaded in to help lighten your spirit. You can listen to music that is for sale on for free. And many other music charts in the website.

So try and Visit Nutsie com to listen to free music.
Hope this helps. Quote, Poems, ecards, Love Letters : New Web Pages

In 2017 our favorite, the website we do visit to get Love Letters, Quote, Poems, ecards et cetra. Was changed to a fashion page. But you can still access the website.
To access the Love Letters, visit Love Letters.  To access the Quote, visit Quote.  To access the Long Love Messages, visit Long Love Messages.  Through this sites above, accessing won't be a problem anymore, just select your favorite page. No body have been able to tell why the home Page was changed, but it's a matter of choice, maybe the owner of the blog was not generating enough revenue from the blog and she did what was supposed to be done. But we hope he or she won't remove the love letters from the archive.  Hope this worked for you.

How to Activate HTTPS In Your Blogger Custom Domain Without Buying Ssl Certificate

It is the dream of  every Blogger to protect his or her readers from Hackers and Viruses, but most of the Bloggers don't have money to buy the Ssl Certificate to update their blog from HTTP to HTTPS. Some of us even bought ssl certificate but don't know how to install it on their blog. So today I will teach you how I changed my custom blogger blog domain from HTTP to HTTPS.

What Is  The Difference Between HTTP And HTTPFirstly let's start with http, according to Wikipedia HTTP is an application protocol, collaboration, and hypermedia information system. Http is the foundation of data communication for the world wide web.

You might now be thinking, what's Https? According to my own definition, it's an updated version of HTTP that adapts to the hypertext transfer protocol for secure communication over a computer network.

It's very easy for WordPress users to Switch their custom Domains over to HTTPS by buying ssl certificate, and after installing the Ssl Certificate,…

How To Activate MTN Double Data

Hey, am here with another tutorial on how to Activate MTN Double Data, you are already thinking, what's this double data all about?. It is what you think, this data plan helps multiply your your data, like if you buy 1GB you will get 2GB. 

And you know that MTN monthly data bundle can be finished up within 1 week if you are in an where their network connection's speed is Cool. Not to talk of 4g, if you are using 4G LTE Phone or sim, you already know what I mean, you can exaust the monthly data bundle within 3 working days, if you are always online on social networks like Facebook, Instagram et cetra.

So we won't allow MTN to be robbing us in mid day light, just like me that is using the MTN Monthly Data Bundle to blog then, MTN have done a lot to me. Then, I use to subscribe monthly, so that I won't worry data for the rest of the month, but MTN do disappoint me regularly.

To my greatest surprise, I subscribed for monthly data during one weekend and before Thursday the up…

With rules repealed, what's next for net neutrality?

There is is a battle going on with the Federal Communications Commission's(FCC) because of net neutrality rules.

The worst part of it is that net neutrality required all web traffic to be treated equally, but the Republicans on the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) decried the regulatory structure as a gross overreach and quickly moved to reverse them once the Trump administration came to power.

According to a source, the reversal of the rules was published in the Federal Register Thursday, although it still remains month for the order to be implemented, but the supporters of net neutrality are now free according to the law to mount legal challenges to the action.
A coalition of Democratic state attorneys general, public interest groups and internet companies have vowed to fight in the courts. Twenty-three states, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D), have already filed a lawsuit.

“An open internet, and the free exchange of ideas it allows, is critical to our …

How To Set WhatsApp Auto Reply Without Downloading Any App

Recently WhatsApp, added some new features to its app, which includes WhatsApp Auto Reply.

It sounds like magic to you right?, but it's real, WhatsApp Auto Reply helps to notify your contacts that you are currently offline or busy.

But it's your choice to set the WhatsApp auto reply or not, WhatsApp won't automatically set it for you, everything is under your control.

Also WhatsApp Auto Reply might provoke some of your contacts do to, if the person continue sending message to you, the automated message will continue to resend, just like if I send hi, I will receive your automated message, and if I send hi again, I will receive the automated message again.
So this might provoke your contacts that is trying to reach you. But if you want to continue in setting the WhatsApp Auto Reply, just follow my lead.
How To Set Your Automated WhatsApp Auto Reply MessageStep 1: Download the latest Gb WhatsApp hereif you don’t have Gb WhatsApp or have not updated yours.
Step 2: Open your gb what…

Google Pay Now Available, How It Works?

Google has finally replaced Android Pay and Google Wallet with Google Pay, a new unified app that has the essential features on the previous payment apps.

Google Pay is more simple and easy to use. There is a cards tab for storing credit and debit card details securely. Google says that eventually, the app will support all Google products. The idea is to provide a consistent experience for users during checkout.
Recall that Google owns Android and many other apps on your Android device so this Google Pay payment platform is expected to be available in all. For now, it's already available on Playstore and you can also download the app on your device.
HOW GOOGLE PAY WORKGoogle Pay does not share your card number when you use it to make a payment. If your debit or credit card has been stored on it, simply select google Pay at checkout. The app will handle the rest. This I believe is for security reasons and it's great.

The app supports NFC for mobile payments, as well as payments fo…

Digital Broadcasting Now LIVE in Enugu, Nigeria

PRESS RELEASE: The Federal Govern-ment, on Monday officially launched Digital Switch Over, DSO, in Enugu State.
Minister for Information and Culture, Alh. Lai Mohammed, made this known during the flag off where he said with the launch in Coal City, there was no better evidence of FG’s commitment to the rapid spread of the massive benefits of digital television to the people of Nigeria.

People of Enugu State will now join their counterparts in Jos, the FCT, Kwara and Kaduna states, in this new way of watching television.

The Minister, who lamented huge loss of revenue in the sector, said it has become imperative that Nigeria, urgently, puts in place an industry framework that will ensure that content producers receive their due for the value of the content they create, as well as providing objectives that guarantees the advertising community their Return-On-Investment on media placements.

Mohammed reiterated his call for establishment of Audience Measurement System to make our DSO sustaina…

WHATSAPP TRICK: How To Unblock Yourself If Someone Blocked You

Maybe you were blocked by someone who is so dear to you and you wish to unblock yourself on whatsapp, this tutorial will show you a whatsapp trick that can help you unlock yourself if someone blocks you.
WhatsApp BLOCK feature allows users to block any person they think is not worthy to be in their chatting list.

So many things can provoke someone to use the block button on you. Some of them is being too intrusive, insulting, arrogant, among others.

But in recent times, some of the reasons why a person blocks another is if he founds out that the person is a scammer. Also, some ex Boyfriends and Girlfriends blocks one another.

Additionally, some children blocks their parents, teachers and religious leaders for a reason best known to them.

But be it as it may, blocking you is not the end of the road for sure. You can get back to that person only if you adhere to the instructions below on how to unlock yourself on whatsapp.

Whatsapp auto reply now available

A new version of popular whatsapp Mod known as GBWhatsapp is now updated as GBWhatsapp V6.25 and available for free download on Android phones and tablets in 2018. This latest version is coming as an upgrade to previous versions GBWhatsapp V5.90, v6.0 and v6.20. Which was released some months back.
GBWhatsapp is an unofficial whatsapp app that has more features than the official app hence it's downloads, installed and used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In fact, the app is usually the first to release new features before it's added to the regular app.

If you ask me, GBWhatsapp is the closest rival to Telegram although Telegram is still far better than whatsapp in virtually every angle. Well, this new November 2017 update might be the last version to be rolled out this year. Having said that, lets take a look at what's new in this update.
FEATURES OF GBWHATSAPP✔️ Ability to hide last seen.

✔️ Ability to delete sent messages (Recall).

✔️ Custom Media Auto-Download.

Fero Mobile launches Royale Y2 Smartphone into Nigerian market

Fero Mobile, the fastest growing smartphone brand in Nigeria, has introduced the stylish Fero Royale Y2 smartphone into the Nigerian market. The new device allows users express their personal style with a 2GB.RAM that supports multiple apps and games without any difficulty.

“The new Fero Royale Y2 exemplify the capabilities of the Fero brand and our continuous efforts at helping consumers achieve more in terms of work and leisure. We have packed a lot of cool features into this device to ensure that it is not only useful for work but also a great lifestyle companion.” said Phiroze Seth, Director, Fero Mobile, Nigeria and Emerging Markets.

We have put so much quality and class into this device to ensure it exceeds the expectations of the tech savvy Nigerian youth. The Fero Royale Y2, like every other smartphone from Fero Mobile, is designed give users excellent experience at an affordable price.He added.
The Fero Royale Y2 is a mid-range device with premium features. It runs on the Androi…

Noa N7 launched with 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage and Dual Rear Camera: Review, Full Specs and Price

Noa N7 was launched today with top level specs, this is coming after the device was announced on the 6th of February. The device comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and dual sharp rear shooters. It will be available on Shopping stores immediately according to the company. Want to know more about the Noa N7? Stay with me.
DesignThe curved sides and edges definitely caught my attention, the device is breathtakingly stunning. The beautiful device sports an Aluminium Alloy and a Ceramic overall unibody that reflects light in the most subtle way. Another catchy feature at the back is the dual shooters.
They sit beautifully at the top middle, while the dual-LED flash is beside it. The rear fingerprint scanner comes close underneath for fast and easy access when holding the device. Its a little bit bulky, measuring 9 mm slim and weighing 187g overall. Its only available in Blue for now, more colors might surface in the coming weeks but i doubt.
DisplayIt is bezel-less with no side bezels in sight,…

Alcatel to announce three new phones on February 24

Two alcatel phone, the 5 and the 3V,
popped up on Amazon France last month, suggesting an upcoming launch. Today Alcatel USA confirmed their arrival along with a third smartphone - the alcatel 1X. All three devices will see the light of day on February 24 at MWC 2018.
The company did not say much, but the image is revealing enough. The alcatel 5, as previously leaked images suggested , will have no bezels on the sides, a tiny one on the bottom and a regular forehead for what it looks like a dual camera setup.

The alcatel 3V and the alcatel 1X are expected to impress in the low-midrange and ultra-affordable markets. They have a standard design with tall 18:9 displays and no home button on the front. The 3V will have the volume rocker on the left side and the power key on the right side, while the 1X will have all the buttons on the right side.
Known specs of the three phones are scarce, but we will report straight from MWC 2018 as soon as the devices are unveils.

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Fero Mobile launch…

Airtel unveils its 4G LTE in Ibadan

Airtel Nigeria has officially announced the deployment of its airtel 4g sim Nigeria in the city of Ibadan, noting that the launch is a new dawn in the Nigeria’s telecoms landscape and a foretaste of Airtel’s quest to provide seamless and reliable mobile Internet experience across key cities in Nigeria in 2018.
Airtel also confirmed it will be rolling out its airtel 4g sim Nigeria service in other cities across the country in the coming months.
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria, Segun Ogunsanya, said with the airtel 4g sim launch, Airtel will power people, businesses and cultural advancement through technology in Ibadan.
“Airtel 4g sim Nigeria will help drive growth, spread prosperity and empower the highly enterprising people of Ibadan to fulfill their potentials and realize their dreams. Our commitment is to deliver airtel 4g sim Service that works to Nigerians as we will dramatically improve mobile Internet experience for telecoms consumers across the co…

WhatsApp digital payment service launched!

Last week Wednesday, WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, with over 1.2 billion users worldwide and 200 million in India alone, launched its digital payment service, with India being the first country to taste this.
WhatsApp cost Facebook $ 22 billion to acquire, but the company before now had not figured out a way to bring in cash to its parent. Thus, the launched payment service should delight Facebook. In India, according to the original plan, the payment platform will be geared toward small businesses employing less than 10 people.

India is a perfect target for the new platform: The country has the most users of WhatsApp in the world. In fact, WhatsApp is more popular than Facebook in India because of a few reasons that include poor bandwidth; meaning that the payment system in Facebook’s Messenger app is not accessible to the average Indian.

Although China has the largest population of Internet users at a reported 750 million, the country does not have a free-market eco…